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Planning your trip

First of all we appreciate your visiting our site. That may mean you are thinking of a destination for holidaymaking. Well, Uzbekistan can be an excellent choice. You know little about this part of the world? The more reason you have to get acquainted with the country full of mystery and exotics. You've read much about Central Asia? Why not to come in close contact with the genuine masterpieces of Oriental architecture you've been fascinated with while reading the books of ancient and modern authors?

Now that the option of traveling to Uzbekistan appeals to you, the question arises where to start.

Let us help you with some recommendations.

How to plan your trip to Uzbekistan?

There are a number of things to decide while planning your trip.

1. How much time can you allocate for your travel?
Determine the rough timeframe for your trip. How many days would you like to travel in the distant destination? Please note, that you'll have to spend some time on getting to and from the country of your travel. The reference to our suggested itineraries can help you to have an idea of the time needed for making trips to various tourist destinations in Uzbekistan.
2. Whom do you plan to travel with?
Determine whether you want to travel on your own or together with some travel partner(s).
3. When do you plan to travel?
Determine the season in which you'd like to travel. Season implies certain weather conditions. In Uzbekistan the weather patterns may differ from those you have in your native country. In order to avoid disappointments because of say rains or exhausting heat, make sure that travel to this destination right time of the year. Read the information on weather conditions in Uzbekistan.
4. How much will it cost?
The key question - how much it is going to cost. Set yourself a realistic budget. The rough expenditure per day (for accommodation, food, transport and sightseeing, etc.) can come to $ 80-120 per day if you travel on your own and up to $ 75-100 if you travel in a group (10 and more people). The cost of the tour depends on its type, itinerary, scope of services.
Determine what kind of accommodation you are interested in: do you want to start and finish your day in a world-known brand-name hotel, or you prefer a home atmosphere of a B&B.
5. What are the main priorities of your travel?
Determine the objective of your travel. We can offer you a great variety of travel options to choose from: from traditional culture tours which will help you to get acquainted with history, culture and art of the country and its peoples, to special interest and extreme tours depending on your predilection and aspirations.
6. What are the places you plan to see?
Now, that you have the main details figured out - from when and for how long you want to go, who you want to go with, and what type of travel you are interested in, you can move on to the next ^ step in your planning activity - tailoring the itinerary that will satisfy your wanderlust. You can choose from the suggested tour packages featured on our site or tailor your own unique itinerary.

How to create your own itinerary?
On our web site you will find lots of information and pictures that can give you the idea of travel possibilities.

Once you made the initial research and made the decision on the itinerary you are interested in, you may go on to travel arrangements.