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Tashkent Region. Chimghan – Charvak – Beldersay

Nature of Uzbekistan presents an amazing variety of landscapes. The Aral Sea borders on the sands of the Kizilkum Desert; the Pamir mountain range - "The Roof of the World" protects the subtropics of Surkhandarya oasis from northern winds; fertile Fergana Valley is surrounded by the foothills of the Tian-Shan Mountains - "Sky Mountains".

For inhabitants of Tashkent the favourite places for recreation are the spurs of the Tian-Shan, a big mountainous area that stretches all along the territory of Central Asia for 1200 kilometers from Peak Pobeda and Khan-Tengry in the east to the tops of Big Chimghan in the south-west. Eighty kilometers from Tashkent, at the junction of three wild mountain rivers - the Ugham, Chatkal and Pskem, there has been erected the high dam of Charvak Hydropower Station, which brought about an artificial lake, surrounded by green snow-topped mountain slopes.

In this national preserve the mountain slopes are covered with relic spruce forests and in the valleys crossed by numerous rivers there are birch and walnut groves. In the thickets of sea-buckthorn and hawthorn the songs of nightingales, goldfinches and orioles are heard. On the plateau there spread alpine grasslands covered with tulips, poppies, rhododendrons, and various herbs, and surrounded by barberries and blackberry bushes.

Uzbekistan Mountains Small lakes find shelter among the rocks; every now and then there is heard the noise of small rapid rivers and waterfalls. Mysterious caves are hiding among the rocks; ledges of igneous rocks contain fossilized imprints of dinosaurs. On vertical rocks one can see petroglyphs - ancient rock paintings of animals and hunters with bows and arrows. The primitive men, who inhabited this prosperous land during the Stone Age, made these rock paintings. Here you can breathe a fresh air filled with the most delicate aroma of numerous herbs and flowers.

Badgers and wild boars are frequent in the thickets of fruit trees and bushes; and even marmot and marten can sometimes be found here. The valley of the Pskem river and the banks of the Maydantal river tributary is inhabited with wolves, foxes and roe deer, the boast of local woods. Spruce forests are full of bears and lynxes. Here, at night, you can hear hooting of an owl.

Closer to the eternal snows on the mountain tops, irbis - snow leopard takes its shelter, wild rams are capering about the rocky slopes. Among the alpine grass there hide turkey and mountain partridges (kekliks).

Golden eagles, bearded vultures, Egyptian vultures fly in the open sky searching for the prey. The Ugham and Maydantal rivers are rich in fish, trout in particular.

Unique natural and climatic conditions of this alpine ecological region, in terms of sunny days outnumbering the Mediterranean region and California, make this area the ideal place for recreation and tourism. It is not surprising therefore that the resort "Chimghan-Charvak-Beldersay" is situated on the territory of Ugham-Chatkal State National Park.

Charvak Oromgohi On the bank of the Charvak reservoir there is the health complex "Charvak Oromgohi" designed for those who like to spend their holidays close to water. The The buildings of 3-star hotel "Pyramids", with its comfortable rooms, restaurants and bars, as well as a conference hall, are crowned with pointed green roofs with solar batteries inserted in it, thus imitating the silhouettes of the surrounding mountain tops. For holidaymakers there are created all the conditions which meet modern requirements. The beaches are equipped with certain facilities, there are built playgrounds and sporting grounds, quayside for windsurfing and boating.

"Chimghan Oromgohi", mountain-skiing resort, is situated in Chimghan valley, which lies at a height of 1600 meters above sea-level. Several cottages and multistoried hotels have been built in the picturesque gorge at the foothill of the Big Chimghan and Small Chimghan. The complex is considered to be the best place for those who love active recreation and sporting tourism.

From November to March the rocks of the mountains are covered with steady blanket of snow. Comparatively soft climate, almost complete absence of wind, big choice of ski-runs for slalom and speedy downhill provide wonderful conditions for mountain-skiing sport. In the hotel tourists can rent sporting equipment and camping outfit. Ski-lift and chair-lift lead to the ski-runs.

In warm season "Chimghan Oromgohi" becomes a center of mountaineering. In search of adventures one can make easy, so called "soft" hiking, which is within the strength of any healthy person without special training. Porters and pack-animals will deliver personal belongings and camping outfit of those who go in for tracking; experienced guides will set up a camp. In May the mountains are especially beautiful. Tracking routes lie through the blossoming gardens of apple trees, cherry plum and hawthorn.

Horse-riding tours start in the surrounding mountains. Horse-riding is of great interest for the tourists not only in summer time, but also in autumn and winter seasons. In "Chimgan Oromgokhi" complex newcomers can be taught to saddle up and ride a horse, while experienced riders can improve their own skills.

More complicated hiking routes commence from the picturesque place "Twelve springs" to broad top of the Big Chimghan mountain range at a height of 3377 meters above sea-level, or to the top of the Small Chimghan at a height of 2100 meters. In the local gorges there can be found rivers with numerous waterfalls and rapids that are hard to get over. The most popular routes around the picturesque sites of the West Tian-Shan along the rivers Chatkal, Akbaluk, Pskem and Koksu are associated with climbing the steep slopes and crossing the wild streams. Only hikers, who are well trained and physically prepared for mountain climbing and who have certain skills in managing special outfit, are able to follow such a route.

Chimghan Oromgohi

All difficulties and trials of mountain climbing will be rewarded when travelers reach the popular cave Zhemchuzhnaya on Ghiza mountain pass in spurs of the Ugham ridge. There they will see underground halls with the overhanging stalactites - limestone "icicles". Stalagmites - mineral formations built up by dripping water, on the contrary, "grow" up from the cave floor and make the most incredible forms. One of the stalagmites with ribbed surface looks like an organ. Touch it - and a melodious sound is heard all over the cave. Under the vault of one of the karst hollows of the cave the stalagmites, amazingly resembling tables and chairs, form a kind of a "banquet hall".

For those who fancy extreme tourism, who crave for adrenalin in their blood, "Chimghan Oromgohi" offers not only mountaineering, but also going down on a raft or ten-man rubber dinghies with the torrents of the Ugham river, that runs along the deep canyon. Here rifts and rapids change the situation virtually every second. Waves can throw you out of the dinghy, if it was not for special devices that hold the rowers in their position. Sportsmen, dressed in air - jackets and safety helmets, special devices to protect knees and elbows, are out of danger when being under supervision of experienced instructors. Frankly speaking, even those with little experience can take part in such a voyage.

Travelers, who prefer driving to hiking can travel by jeeps or cycle along exotic mountain paths. One of these paths will lead you to an area from which there opens a wonderful view on Beldersay highlands.

"Beldersay Oromgohi" complex operates all the year round. On the territory of 40 hectares there was built a comfortable 4-star hotel, fitted up in accordance with European standards, and 16 family cottages, with all modern conveniences to ensure a very good recreation. Conference hall, two swimming pools and sauna, tennis courts and badminton playground are at the service of tourists.

Beldersay Oromgohi

From the territory of "Beldersay" complex there is an access to the embarkation platform from which ski-lift and chair-lift ways 2225 meters long can take you up to "Kumbel", a downhill racing route, from where there opens a breath-taking view of snow tops, green valleys and sparkling rapids of mountain rivers. Here a helicopter is at your disposal. It can fly you to the most beautiful spots of the West Tian-Shan. Moreover, it can land anywhere: by the mountain lake, on alpine grassland, in front of the caves. One can also make a short flight off the Kumbel Hights on a hang glider.

Twenty tourist routes are built from Beldersay to the banks of the Charvak reservoir, along the valleys of the rivers Chatkal, Pskem and Koksy. You can make horse-riding tour around the Beldersay. Tourists can be charmed by long and fascinating trip on the Big Chimghan, to the archeological monuments with ancient rock paintings and to the mysterious Pulat-Khan plateau rich in astonishing legends. Old residents believe that there is much evidence to the fact that UFOs used to land on the plateau. Pulat-Khan plateau keeps on frightening the travelers with ghosts and strange voices, or making landslides, or barring the way with a sudden waterfall. Those practicing meditation come here from all over the world. Because this is the place where one feels the universe proximity as well as unity of nature and human being.

The resort area "Chimghan-Charvak-Beldersay", in Ugham-Chatkal National Park, an Uzbek Switzerland, welcomes everybody who at least once has yielded to temptation of mountain tourism and who believes that nothing can be compared with mountains.

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