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Uzbekistan Hotels

Tashkent Hotels

International Hotel Tashkent - 5 star hotel

City Palace - 5 star hotel

Lotte City Hotel Tashkent Palace - 4 star hotel Uzbekistan Hotels

Uzbekistan Hotel - 4 star hotel

Le Grande Plaza Hotel - 4 star hotel

Ramada Tashkent - 4 star hotel

Dedeman Silk Road Hotel - 4 star hotel

Shodlik Palace Hotel - 4 star hotel

Asia Tashkent Hotel - 4 star hotel

Radisson BLU Tashkent - 4 star hotel

Grand Mir Hotel - 4 star hotel

Malika Hotel - 2 star hotel

Rovshan B&B Hotel - B&B hotel

Samarkand Hotels

Registan Plaza - 4 star hotel

Afrosiab Palace Hotel - 4 star hotel

Regal Palace Hotel - 4 star hotelHotels in Uzbekistan

Panorama Grand Hotel - 4 star hotel

Asia Samarkand Hotel - 4 star hotel

City Hotel - 3 star hotel

Grand Samarkand Hotel - 3 star hotel

Samarkand Plaza Hotel - 3 star hotel

Sherdor Hotel - 3 star hotel

Malika Classic B&B Hotel - B&B hotel

Malika Prime B&B Hotel - B&B hotel

Kamila B&B Hotel - B&B hotel

Bukhara Hotels

Bukhara Palace Hotel - 4 star hotel

Grand Bukhara Hotel - 4 star hotel

Asia Bukhara Hotel - 4 star hotelList of Uzbekistan Hotels

Omar Hayam Hotel - 3 star hotel

Semurg Hotel - 3 star hotel

Zargaron Hotel - 3 star hotel

Sultan Hotel - 3 star hotel

Old City Hotel - 3 star hotel

ASL Hotel - 3 star hotel

Grand Nodirbek Hotel - 2 star hotel

Malika Bukhara Hotel - 2 star hotel

Lyabi House Hotel - 2 star hotel

Aist Plus Hotel - 2 star hotel

Caravan B&B Hotel - B&B hotel

Sasha & Son B&B Hotel - B&B hotel

Komil B&B Hotel - B&B hotel

Kabir B&B Hotel - B&B hotel

Khiva Hotels

Khorezm Palace Hotel - 4 star hotel

Asia Khiva Hotel - 3 star hotel

Malika Khiva Hotel - 3 star hotelKhiva Hotels

Malika Khorezm Hotel - 3 star hotel

Malika Kheivak Hotel - 3 star hotel

Khiva Madrassah Hotel - 3 star hotel

Hayat Inn Hotel - 3 star hotel

Zafarbek Hotel - 2 star hotel

Islambek Hotel - 2 star hotel

Sobir Arkanchi Hotel - 2 star hotel

Arkanchi B&B Hotel - B&B hotel

Shakhrizada Khiva B&B Hotel - B&B hotel

Shakhrisabz Hotels

Shakhrisabz Yulduzi Hotel - 3 star hotelShakhrisabz Hotels

Shakhrisabz Hotel - 3 star hotel

Termez Hotels

Meridian Hotel - 4 star hotelTermez Hotels

Ulugbek Hotel - 3 star hotel

Ferghana Valley Hotels

Asia Ferghana Hotel - 4 star hotelFerghana Hotels

Club Hotel 777 - 3 star hotel

Adras Hotel - 3 star hotel

Nukus Hotels

Nukus Hotels Nukus Hotel - 2 star hotel

Jipek Joli Hotel - 2 star hotel

Rahnamo B&B Hotel - B&B hotel

Tashkent Region Hotels

Beldersay Hotel & Resort - 4 star hotelTashkent Region Hotels

Chorvoq Oromgohi Hotel & Resort - 3 star hotel

Asia Chimgan Hotel - 3 star hotel

Chatkal Mountain Hotel & Resort

Uzbekistan Hotels

Uzbekistan today possesses a booming hotel industry. Altogether there are about 300 hotels in Uzbekistan with total capacity of 9000 rooms. Uzbekistan’s hotels range from comfortable two-star hotels to five-star luxury hotels in order to cater for every taste and budget. First-class hotels with internationally famous names and excellent world-class service are available in the major cities of Uzbekistan: Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Urgench. Other categories of accommodation are good-quality middle-range hotels, B&Bs and guesthouses that provide perfectly reasonable facilities. Some of these hotels have proved their reputation through many years in hospitality business. A number of new hotels and B&Bs have sprung up over the past several years.

Uzbekistan official star classification system is based on standard factors such as room size, services, the presence of a lift, decor, the level of staff qualification, etc.

In cities twin-bedded rooms are provided in most hotels and B&Bs. Quality hotels guarantee twin-bedded or double (King-size bed) accommodation. Single rooms are accessible when ordered beforehand. As all bookings are subject to availability at the time of reservation we recommend that reservations be made as early as possible to avoid disappointments, especially during peak season travels when hotels are booked solid (April, May, June, September, October) as well as during numerous international events such as fashion weeks or international conferences to be organized.

In the capital city of Tashkent there has been a rapid growth in the number of luxury hotels represented by well-known international chains and provided with high level conference facilities, health clubs and international restaurants. Besides these large hotels, guests of Tashkent can find reasonably priced rooms in the hotels situated in and around the center.

Mostly all accommodation in historical cities - where many new hotels has been build recently - is available in central areas within walking distance of cities’ major sights.

During some adventure tours such as heli-skiing, trekking, horseback riding at the foothills of the Tien Shan around Chimgan tract you need not, unless you choose, retire from daily activities to a tent; all these activities are close to comfortable accommodation where you can restore your flagging energy with fresh food and relax in swimming pool or fitness center of quality hotels surrounded by breathtaking scenery of wildlife.

Thanks to an exclusive partnership between Manzara Tourism Company and the hotels of Uzbekistan we can offer you a wide choice of accommodation to suit your wishes and budget: from the most upmarket hotels to small clean and comfortable private hotels and B&Bs. We don’t offer you all Uzbekistan’s hotels. What we offer you is an intriguing selection of quality accommodation options, each with a style and character of its own. Whatever their background we regularly check and evaluate the service attributes and overall hospitality provided, in order to recommend you with confidence the hotels where you can enjoy all the benefits of a value for money and a standard of comfort accommodation while in Uzbekistan.

Thus, should you choose to stay in one of the luxury hotels of Uzbekistan’s capital – City of Tashkent, or in an oasis of peace and quiet at one of the traditional quarters of Samarkand, or take a room in a restored old Bukhara mansion, or converted building of traditional madrassah in Khiva you will always find hospitality, good rest and sweet dreams!

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